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Carpet Stretching Repairs

Carpet Stretching Repairs can be a hard job for a home owner to do on there own if you are looking to save money & time give Busy Bee Carpet Steamers a BUZZ Today!  832-427-1772  Busy Bee Carpet steamers has Highly qualified Techs that are ready to take on any repairs patches and stretching you may need done in your home. What most customer do not realize that when doing carpet Stretching or Carpet repairs on there own you may end up either over stretching the carpet that can cause the carpet to rip or even cause it to start breaking the fibers loos. And if you do not Know the proper way to re-patch your carpet you will either leave a seem showing or not glue the seem the right way that can cause the seem to peal back or loos its attachment. That is why it is best left to pros like us here at Busy Bee to make sure the job gets done the correct way and leave you carpet looking like it has never been Patched or stretched. If you need some more info fill free to give us a Call and we will help you on your home Project so you are not spending time and money trying to figure out how to do t on your own. Don’t waist your money on buying new carpet when you can have it Cleaned Stretched or Repaired by a Professional that knows how to do the job the right way and will get your carpets cleaned stretched and repaired for less than buying new Carpet.

For Quality Services and best pricing Call Busy Bee Carpet Steamers Today! 832-427-1772 Just pick up the phone and give us a call and we will be there to assist you.

Carpet Stretching Repairs  Carpet Stretching Repairs  

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